Welcome to my home on the interweb. I am an applied aerodynamicist utilizing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with a focus in unsteady flow physics and wind energy applications. I apply numerical methods using supercomputers (DOE and NASA) in order to simulate complex geometries without the necessity of building and testing each novel configuration. I have extensive experience generating complex grid systems from wind turbine rotors to the flame trench (detail) (Launch Complex 39A/B) at NASA Kennedy

Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Davis. I am also an engineering consultant working on various aerodynamic and energy related projects with various industry and government partners. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Wind Turbine Aerodynamics

My PhD research is focused on the inboard aerodynamics of wind turbine rotor blades. I am applying computational methods to better understand the separated flow created by these thick inboard blade sections and its effect on the overall rotor efficiency. We extend the work to studying novel geometric devices and shape changes in an attempt alleviate the flow separation in order to improve power capture and rotor efficiency.
Image of iso-vorticity in the wake of the NREL 5-MW rotor with at freestream windspeed of 11 meter/sec, the blade is colored by surface pressure

Active Load Control

My other interests and master's thesis centers aerodynamic load control or the concept of using devices to rapidly tailor the aerodynamic behavior of a wing or blade given the current flow conditions. The goal is to smooth out the aerodynamic load to both improve aerodynamic performance, but minimizing fatigue loads as well. This is achieved by making small changes (less than 10%) to the lift on the order of milliseconds. Using CFD, my work has modeled the complex flows of deploying load control microtabs. We attempted to ensure the validity of this very complex simulation (unsteady, moving viscous surfaces, separated flow, extremely small physical scales) by performing extensive validations on a wide range of experimental studies. For more details please refer to my microtab page.

You can also learn a little about me and my work here or more formally in my cv.