Applied Aerodynamics Research Group

Welcome to the webpage of the Applied Aerodynamics Research Group at the University of California, Davis. The group is led by Prof. C. P. van Dam and consists of graduate students and post-docs from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department.  Research includes wind tunnel testing of airfoils, wings, and wind energy conversion systems; computational fluid dynamic analysis of airfoils, wings, aircraft, and rotors; and full-scale aerodynamic testing of various systems.

We work closely with engineers and researchers of various companies and institutions on the above problems and this has resulted in long-term cooperative research, development & demonstration efforts with these groups and, subsequently, outstanding job opportunities for the graduates.
One project that is receiving significant recognition is the research on active control of the aerodynamic loads acting on wind turbine blades. Work in this area was initiated at UC Davis in the late 1990s and has now become a major field of research in Europe and the USA.

For more information on current research, please view the Research and People pages.

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