Professor C. P “Case” van Dam

Warren and Leta Giedt Professor and Department Chair
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
vanDam B.S. (1975) Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
M.S. (1978) Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas, USA
M.S. (1979) Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology
D. Engr. (1983) Aerospace Engineering, University of Kansas

Research Interests:
– Aerodynamics including design and optimization
– Aircraft design
– Experimental and computational fluid dynamics
– Biofluiddynamics
– Wind energy
– Aero-hydrodynamics of sailing


Graduate Students

Eric Anderson

Eric B.S. (2000) Mechanical Engineering – University of California, Berkeley
M.S. (2004) Mechanical Engineering – Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests:
-Wind Turbine Control
-Wind Plant Control
-Turbine to Turbine Interactions
-Computational Fluid Dynamics


Sheida Hosseini

Sheida_square B.S. (2014) Mechanical Engineering – University of California, Davis
B.S. (2014) Aeronautical Engineering – University of California, Davis
Visiting research scholar – Aerodynamics Institute RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Research Interests:
– Experimental Fluid Dynamics
– Flow Control Techniques
– Airplane Design and Optimization
– Wind Turbine and Energy




Sean Wu (MS) – NASA Langley Research Center (Jacobs)
Christopher Langel (MS, PhD) – Siemens Wind Energy
Todd Beeby (MS) – EDP Renewables
Owen Hurley (MS) – Tesla
Henry Shiu (MS) – Siemens Wind Energy
Philip de Mello (PhD) – GE
Myra Blaylock (PhD) – Sandia National Labs
Aubryn Cooperman (PhD) – Postdoc at TU Delft
David Siap (MS) – Senior Research Associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Danny Nip (MS)
Zachary S Newell (MS) – Mechanical Design Engineer at Rockwell Automation
Camille N Metzinger (MS) – OSIsoft
Matthew S Brunner (MS) – Engineer at Renovo Motors
Raymond Chow (PhD) – Senior Researcher at Envision Energy
Jonathan P Baker (PhD) – Engineering Manager at Frontier Wind
Anthony W McLennan (MS) – Research Engineer at Hewlett-Packard Labs
Edward Mayda (PhD) – Principle Engineer at Siemens Wind Energy
Adam Pechner (MS)
Josuhua Gottlieb (MS)
Scott J Johnson (MS) – Ramp;D Loads Engineer at Siemens Wind Energy
Matthew T Seitzler (MS) – Senior Engineer at The Davis Energy Group
Alden Latkin (MS) – Mechanical Engineer at US Dept of Defense
(Paul) Seung Yuen Yoo (MS) – NASA Dryden/Armstrong
Scott M Larwood (PhD) – Assistant Professor at UOP
Benson L Gilbert (MS)
Mauricio Leal (MS) – Crossfit Cypher
Robert Kamisky (MS)
Syta Saephan (PhD) – Founder and Managing Partner of Notifi
Kevin J Standish (MS) – R&D LAC Engineering Manager at Siemens Wind Energy
Michael M Roberts (MS) – Senior Aeronautical Engineer at The Nova Group of Companies
David D Chao (PhD) – Contractor at Textron AirLand LLC
Dora Yen (PhD) – Director of Renewable Energy Planning at Hawaiian Electric Company
Jose Zayas (MS) – Director of DOE Wind and Water Power Technologies Office
Ray Wong
Candice Lee

Visiting Scholars

Anna Rosa
Xander Westenberg
Tobias Beck
Daan Wirtz
Andreas Bastgen
Johannes Grobbel
Tim Berk
Daniel Karhoff
Tobias Winnemoeller
Chris Kleinschmidt
Roland Schweikhard
Michael Hopp

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Alejandro Pensado (BS)
Louis Edelman (BS)
Lorena Moreno (BS)
Daniel L Kahn (BS)

Postdoctoral Scholars

Raymond Chow
Philip de Mello
Aubryn Cooperman
Syta Saephan
David D Chao


Rob Kamisky
Junhiu Huang
Steve Katen

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